Zen Tricksters
September 4, 1996
Long Island Brewing Company
Jericho, NY


"The Dead Zone" Master DAT collection

Disk 1 [71:22]

First Set

1. Band Announcements [4:03]
2. Mississippi Half Step > [8:44]
3. Dead Flowers > [4:17]
4. Keep On Truckin [4:34]
5. Not Quite Enough [7:40]
6. Loser > [6:05]
7. Folsom Prison Blues [5:13]
8. Looks Like Rain > [6:38]
9. You Don't Love Me > [5:28]
10. Season Of The Witch > [11:11]
11. Sympathy For The Devil [7:22]

Disk 2 [70:47]

Second Set

1. Band Announcements [1:48]
2. When Push Comes To Shove [5:33]
3. Mexicali Blues [5:51]
4. A Little Knowledge > [5:32]
5. I Need A Miracle > [3:56]
6. Kansas City [4:47]
7. Dueling Banjos [1:46]
8. Call Of The Wild > [6:54]
9. Jack-A-Roe [6:37]
10. Moonlight Mile 10:18]
11. Band Announcements & Tuning [2:46]
12. Waiting For A Miracle [5:18]
13. More Tuning [1:38]
14. Don't Pass Me By [7:57]

Disc 3 [42:03]

Second Set [continued]

1. //The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness [3:11]
2. Needle & The Damage Done Tuning [2:47]
3. It's All Over Now Baby Blue [6:33]
4. Flower Punk [3:39]
5. Tuning [1:48]
6. Mystery Train [6:15]
7. Announcements [1:30]
8. Alligator [9:34]
9. E: Brokedown Palace [6:42]


Jeff Mattson - Acoustic Guitar
Rob Barraco - Keyboard
Klyph Black - Bass
Dave Diamond - Drums

Recorded by Steve Herman [sherman1967@yahoo.com], SBD>Tascam DA-P1>DAT.
48 kHz DAT originally transferred to CDR & SHN by Steve Herman, Tascam DA-P1>ZA2>WAV.
Original SHN files archived on disk were destroyed in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.
New SHN files were made from extracted WAV files from the original CDRs, October 2002.

SBD recording is mono.
Very slight SBD buzz.
Klyph's vocals are pretty low at times.
Beginning of The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness fades in.

The band was set up in the small coffee house loft area upstairs from
the main bar area of the Long Island Brewing Company.
They were Wednesday night regulars. Mike the chef was a major Dead Head and
was a devoted listener to a Grateful Dead radio show I used to host out of
Hofstra University, WRHU, 88.7 FM, Tuesdays, 7-9PM.
In addition to that, my step-sister, Maryann, was attending bar in the coffee house loft.
Free jugs of good beer were always waiting for me at my table front & center.
The chef had two cute assistants that enjoyed the music and often endulged in natural elements.
Life couldn't be sweeter during these Wednesday evenings. How I ever got home can only
be attributed to the emptiness of the Wantagh State Parkway at 2AM.
My buddy Brian (not necessarily a Dead Head, but a good sport nonetheless) attended the show
with me that evening. It was nice to see that by the time they were fully rolling into Alligator,
he was well immersed into the music and the scene.