Psychedelic Space Rock - Festival
Rockscheune Verne, Salzkotten, Germany
(audience recording)


Soundman OKM IIR > ZOOM H1 > PC(via USB) > Wavelab (EQ, edit, tracking) > TLH(flac8)

recording position: balcony dead center 10m from stage



01 acid sun (7.56)
02 from outer space (9.12)
03 refused (5.51)
04 the 77 mushroom man (6.43)
05 dust-jam (8.34)
06 - (merchandize-moment) (0.36)
07 zen trip-jam (9.58)
08 zenland (?) (incl. band introduction) (11.11)
09 the black tape-jam (8.35)

Time: 69 min


Bernd (g, voc)
Stefan (bg)
Stefan (dr)


My first time in the wonderful Rockscheune Verne and first time at the Psychedelic Space Rock Festival somewhere far out in the country around Paderborn,
a really nice location for about 300 people (max) with excellent sound and an exquisite recording space - upstairs on the balcony, 4m above the (constant) chatter.

Cheers and thanks to my dear fellow co-tapers ksisit, Miro and Blueshacks for driving, beer, company, spirit and many more

Usually this is a one-day-event, but this year they extended it to 2 days.
First band of the first day : ZEN TRIP
Haven't heard of this new band before, but they gave a quite convincing performance.
Psychedelic Space Blues/Rock with heavy elements, somewhere between (old) PINK FLOYD, CREAM and HENDRIX

There is almost constant audience chatter, but recording from the balcony this is all literally far below

So this is an excellent recording, as always enhanced by some EQing, just the common, raising heights a little and adding a little precise small band to the bass drum
+ a little soundboard-like mastering-compression, but nothing pumping audible.

SORRY, no cover-artwork but I added some screenshots from my video

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uploaded to DIME by rackhir August 2017