The Rialto

Tucson, AZ
February 26, 2016

Tascam DR-05 Recorder (@24/96000) > SDHC card >
PC > Audacity (16x44.1)(E.Q. 4db drop centered at 800hz 2 db boost mid and high) >
EAC (Split On Sector Bound)(slight boost to some talk) > FLAC (level8) > You !

3volt mic's tend to overplay and distort the low end especially at high volume so I cut it back
as well as raising everything else, but just a minor tweek nothing drastic ... sound is quite exceptable !!

front row just between Noelle and Gretchen sweet !! booster speaker just to my right so vocals were good also!

good setlist with the addition of "Custard Pie" and ending with "When The Levy Breaks" ... if only Noelle could
hit a harmonica like Anna could but oh well .....

01 intro
02 The Lemon Song
03 Immigrant Song
04 Dazed And Confused
05 Trampled Underfoot
06 Moby Dick
07 What Is And What Should Never Be
08 Communication Breakdown
09 Custard Pie
10 The Ocean
11 How Many More Times
12 Ramble On
13 Whole Lotta Love
14 intermission
15 When The Levy Breaks

Duration approx. 109min.

------------------------------- band ---------------------------------------------

Clementine � drums (founder)
Angeline � bass
Gretchen � guitar
Noelle � lead vocals

Openers: Sugar Stains Yum !!