The Barry Flast Collection

Barry Flast was a musician who played with the who�s who of the Rock & Roll world for 45 years. He was also a prolific music collector who always had a tape recorder going every place he went. Barry passed away in November 2013. His wife, Mary, has generously offered to share some of his music collection with the music trading world. This project will be ongoing for a long time to come. Barry collected thousands of soundboards, audience recordings, and various home recordings & compilations. Many of them will be shared over the coming months and years.

Thank you Barry.


San Francisco, CA

Partial Set

Source: Barry Flast's DVD

01 //Baby Baby
02 Tangled Hangers
03 The Core *
04 Try a Little Tenderness
05 Tear Tags Off Mattresses//

Steve Kimock - guitar
John Cipollina - guitar, vocals
Bobby Vega - bass
Greg Anton - drums
Hadi Al-Saadoon - trumpet, percussion
Martin Fierro - saxophone, percussion
John Farey - keyboard and vocals


Anna Rizzo - vocals and tambourine *

Kingfish also played.


- The picture was very dark so I have adjusted the contrast and luminance.
- I also eq'd the audio a little and increased the gain.

Thanks to Rick Martin for extracting the files and sending them to me.

audio and video editing
September 2016