zero, chi chi club, san francisco, ca 1/3/87

my friend rob taped this back in 1987 gave me a copy of the master
forgot what he told me about the show . mainly why it cuts into rock me baby . i am thinking he got there late or the show started earlier then they thought. anyway here is all the music that was on the two tapes he gave me .

nak 300 mics > sony d5

disc 1:
01-rock me baby (cuts into the song)
02-blues with a feeling
03-instrumental ? set break after this song
04-instrumental ?
05-instrumental ( little wing )
06-going down
07- ?
08-instrumental(try alittle tenderness)

disc 2 :
01-instrumental ? set break after this song
02-the core
03-riding with the king
05-love me like a man

any help with the set list would be great . help seed the show after you download it . do not convert to lossy format . do not sell or i will cut your nuts off . let me know what you think of the show ....joe