Wilmer's Park
Brandywine, MD

Matrix 60% sbd/40% aud (-3 dbs)

sbd: Steve Keyser's VHS (1st gen)
lineage: VHS > Magnavox ZV427MG9 VHS Deck > Canopus ADVC110 (using S-Video) > Firewire in >
Sony Vegas Video Pro 12 > wav 16/48 > Adobe Audition 1.5 > iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced >
iZotope RX2 Advanced > wav 16/44.1

Transfer and wav extraction by Doug Moon


Recorded By Tim Stiegler & Ron Keyser with Audio Technica 815's (super-hyper cardioids) from the Soundboard >
Sony D5

Transfer: Master Cassette > Phillips digital cassette player > spdif > creative Labs soundblaster
card > Sound Forge V6.0>
CDWave Editor > CDR > EAC > FLAC

01 "Where's the purse?"/tuning/intro
02 Baby Baby

03 Tangled Hangers

04 tuning
05 Riding With The King

06 tuning/banter
07 Tear Tags Off Mattresses

08 Little Wing

09 tuning/banter
10 Golden Road

Steve Kimock - guitar
John Cipollina - guitar
Martin Fierro - saxophone
Greg Anton - drums
Bobby Vega - bass
Banana - keyboards


- There were PA problems throughout the show resulting in a lot of 60hz hum. Most of this has been removed
from both sources so that it is now barely noticeable.
- The sbd was missing the first 2:40 and there were several small dropouts. These have been patched with:

SDB patch > Sony WM-D6C > Sony Metal ES-90 Master
Transfer: Nakamichi 700ZXE > Apogee Mini-Me @ 16/44 > SPDIF > Microtrack II
Taped and transfered by Mike Schunke

- I also did some work on the levels for the sbd and raised the overall gain.
- I removed the dc offset for the aud and adjusted some of the levels.
- The aud was missing around 22 seconds from just after the start of "Little Wing" most of this has been patched from sbd.
- Both sources are missing around 4 seconds at the start of "Little Wing" Once the matrix had been created I put in a crossfade
to eliminate this small gap.

editing and matrix
March 2013