Zero - 05/26/90 (Sat)
Sweetwater Saloon - Mill Valley, CA

onstage mics->Sony D-5 analog cassette master
(Maxell Metal Capsule 100 tapes)

xfer via Denon DRM-550(cassette master)->
Sony PCM-R500->SEK'D Prodif Plus->
Samplitude Project->CDWav->FLAC frontend->flac

d1t01: Tongue 'n' Groove
d1t02: Cissy Strut
d1t03: Super Sonic Transport
d1t04: Many Rivers To Cross
d1t05: Rigor Mortis
d1t06: Baby Baby
d1t07: Gregg's Eggs

Set II
d2t01: Little Wing
d2t02: Tear Tags Off Mattresses
d2t03: The Core
d2t04: Severe Tire Damage
d2t05: Golden Road

Notes: w/ Terry Haggerty
mics were probably Neumann
most of Tongue 'n' Groove cut
5 sec dropout at very beginning of Many Rivers To Cross
very end of Rigor Mortis cut