Rock Candy
Seattle, WA

Source: SBD > DAT > MC (XL II-S)
Transfer: MC > Aiwa AD-F850 > Ted's THC cables > Edirol U-5 (USB) > Wavelab 5.01a @ 24/96
Mastering: Wavelabe 5.01a (X-noise to dehiss; rebalance channels; Q-10 Paragraphic EQ to reduce the bass; L3 Multimaximzer to enhance gain; dither & resample to 16/44.1) > FLAC

One set only

1. Berm
2. Tongue 'n' Groove
3. Boogie On Reggae Woman
4. Do I Move You
5. Tangled Hangers
6. High-Heeled Sneakers
7. Rigor Mortis
8. Outro

This tape came labelled "Aud from D.A.T. Master" and the source says that it is a direct transfer. Mic info is unknown. A lossless DAT source does not circulate as of August 2005.

The first few seconds of audio are pretty weak, but it picks up quickly. The recording was very bass heavy, and it took a lot of EQ to balance it out. Tape flip after Do I Move You crossfaded with no music lost. The DAT tape was stopped after Tangled Hangers while technical problems were sorted out. Tough Mama opened.

Thanks for Carlisle for the cassette. Please check for a DAT transfer before downloading this one.