Kimball's Carnival - Emeryville, CA

Source: (Stage) AKG c61 > Dat*
Transfer: Dat >Samplitude>Flac

Set 1:

d1to1 Golden Road
d1t02 Severe Tire Damage (1)
d1t03 Catalina
d1t04 Outskirts Of Town
d1t05 Rigor Mortis
d1t06 Home On The Range

Set 2:

d2t01 Wavy Gravy Intro/Poem
d2t02 Chance In A Million >
d2t03 Spoken For
d2t04 Tear Tags Off Mattresses
d2t05 Use Me Up

d1t06 We've Got To Get Out Of This Place

* Assume Art's rig - need confirmation
(1) with Matt Eakle on flute. Doug Harmon on keyboard.