Chateau de Baun Winery (now Kendall Jackson Winery)
Santa Rosa, CA
October 16th, 1994 (Sun)

Steve Kimock - guitars
Bobby Vega - bass
Greg Anton - drums
Chip Roland - keys, vocals
Martin Fierro - sax, vocals, chatter

recorded and mastered to cdr by d5scott
2 Beyer M-160 Mics with wind screens > Sony TC-D5M 40 feet from stage - center - mics @ 8 feet high> analog cassette master (Maxell MX90 metal tape with Dolby on)

transfer: Sony TC-D5M (original record deck)(Dolby off) > SigmaTel audio card built into PC > Soundforge > CD Architect > cdr > Cakewalk Pyro > .wav files > Trader's Little Helper > flac and ffp files


t01: (intro by Bill Bowker)
t02: Golden Road
t03: Highway 61
t04: Tangled Hangers
t05: Home On The Range
t06: Richie's Rooster

Bill Bowker is a local Santa Rosa D.J.
Tape flip before Richie's Rooster.
5 songs, that was it. Short but sweet!
some wind noise, so I'm glad I used windscreens