April 14, 1995
The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Source Af:D, Gen: n/a, Mics: naks
Tapes originally owned by Tom Morrison.

EAC >> FLAC Frontend (verified with SHNTOOL) by macdaddy

Set I:
d1t01 //Cole's Law
d1t02 La Fiesta
d1t03 Anorexia
d1t04 Catalina

Set II:
d1t05 End of the World Blues
d2t01 The Shape I'm In
d2t02 Rigor Mortis
d2t03 Highway 61//
d2t04 //Golden Road

Set III:
d2t05 Tangled Hangers
d3t01 Chance in a Million
d3t02 Pits of Thunder
d3t03 Tell Me All About It
d3t04 Home on the Range

d3t05 Richie's Rooster

The beginning of d1t01 is missing, the track fades in...

Fades have been applied to the end of d2t03 and to the beginning of d2t04; I have no idea why...

FLAC source seeded by macdaddy to Digital Kimock in December, 2002.