Zero Acoustic - July 8, 1995
Shady Grove Stage
Oregon Country Fair, Veneta OR.

1. Steel Guitar Rag
2. Catalina
3. Rigor Mortis
4. Chance In A Million
5. Tell Me All About It
6. Pits Of Thunder
7. Mercury Blues

Total Time 63 minutes

Sennheiser ME-40-K3U > D-7
Taped and transferred by Dean Grabski -

There is no real stage, Shady Grove is just that, a shady grove.
Along with no real stage there is no real power either.
The general laid back nature of things at the country fair had made me quite "mellow" as a matter of fact I was so mellow I forgot to put in a new tape and there is a (barely audible) splice in Chance In A Million.
These factors make the recording less then stellar, but a very good representation of what went down in the shade of big trees in Oregon on a beautiful day in July.