Chester's Place
Fayetteville, AR

Source: Shure BG4.0's > Sony D6
Lineage: Cass/M > Nak DR-3 > Philips CDR750 > EAC > CDWav > FLAC
Recorded/transferred: Christian Richart
Extraction/seed: Brad Foster

Set One: [01:10:52]

01. Cole's Law >
02. Tangled Hangers
03. Highway 61 Revisited
04. Catalina
05. Rigor Mortis
06. Jam
07. The Shape I'm In

Set Two: [01:01:28]

01. crowd/banter
02. Afro Blue
03. Chance In A Million
04. Horses
05. Gregg's Eggs
06. If You Really Love Me
(End Of The World Blues)
(Pits Of Thunder)
(E: Richie's Rooster)

Total tracks = [02:12:20]

-- Tape flip after s1t04 Catalina/crossfaded.
-- Tape flip during the end of s2t05 Gregg's Eggs/crossfaded.
-- (missing): As of the disc transfer date [02/12], the final two songs of s2 and the encore are missing from this source.

-- Thanks to Christian for sharing his recording/transfer!
Discs extracted in secure/range mode, seamlessly joined to one file and re-tracked by set.
Log files included.