Community Center
Sebastopol, CA
Saturday - May 10th, 1997

Steve Kimock - Bobby Vega - Martin Fierro
Chip Roland - Greg Anton - Judge Murphy
recorded and mastered to cdr by D5scott
2 Beyer M160 Mics > Sony TC-D5M 20 feet from stage - center - mics @ 7 feet high on a stand > analog cassette master
Maxell MX100 metal tapes with Dolby on - Limiter off

Analog cassette master (original record deck-Dolby off) > PreSonus Inspire GT > Sound Forge > .wav files > Trader's Little Helper > flac and ffp files

Disc 1 - Set 1:
d1t01: "tuning"
d1t02: Cole's Law
d1t03: "what's the name of this band?"
d1t04: Six Days On The Road
d1t05: End Of The World Blues
d1t06: La Fiesta
d1t07: Crossroads
d1t08: "tuning"
d1t09: Fridays Child
d1t10: "band intro"
d1t11: Listen Here

Disc 2 - Set 2:
d2t01: Kissin' The Boo-Boo
d2t02: Locked Away
d2t03: Hired Hand
d2t04: Tell Me All About It
d2t05: Gregg's Eggs
d2t06: Can't Find My Way Home
d2t07: Mercury Blues

Tape flips after, La Fiesta and Gregg's Eggs
Enjoyed the rarely played Locked Away & Hired Hand.
R.I.P. Sandy- aka "Bigfoot" He was a friend of mine,
who had nothing to do with this recording, but he was
standing right next to me for this show, also recording.