Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers
The OnCenter, Syracuse, NY
September 12, 2000

source: audience recording (details unknown) > CDR received in trade > extracted via iTunes > FLAC > you!
sound quality: A-

free like we want to be
brothers and sisters
jah bless
one good spliff
small axe
higher vibration
rainbow country
let jah will be done

I received this show in a snail-mail trade a couple of years ago, and at the time I was informed that this show was minimally circulated (and possibly entirely uncirculated).

I would just like to mention that the person who "traded" this show with me actually didn't ask for anything in return - he was just happy to share the recording. If that's not the sign of a true music lover, then I don't know what is. Be sure to thank the original taper / "trader" in the comments section!