Ziggy Marley
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
What Stage
Manchester, TN

source: Sony ECM MS907 (90 degree setting) > Sony MZ-R37 MD Recorder

Mic Config/Location: 8' high; left edge and center of SBD

lineage: source > Total Recorder Professional 6.0 > FLAC16.

recorded and mastered by john parsons

This recording is strictly for non-commercial use. Please do not distribute in any lossy format, such as mp3.

501 mb in folder

01. Black Cat
02. Lively Up Yourself
03. Be Free
04. Rastaman Vibration
05. True to Myself
06. Conscious Party
07. Roots Rock Reggae
08. Tomorrow People
09. Lee and Molly
10. A Lifetime
11. Is This Love
12. Looking
13. Jammin'
14. Look Who's Dancing
15. Love is My Religion

note: there is a tiny bit of the beginning of "jammin'" missing due to minidisc change after "looking." to make the transition a little less harsh, i did a quick fade to silence at the end of "looking" and a quick fade in from silence at the beginning of "jammin'." the break is negligible when listening to the tracks sequentially.