Ziggy Marley
Athletic Club Of Bend

A Mike Albright capture for all to enjoy for free. Support Ziggy! (www.ziggymarley.com)

Source: Sonic Studios binaurals > Sony M10 24b/44.1kHz
Lineage: M10 > Amadeus Pro > Flac
Location: Right stack about 25 feet away.

Disc #1
d01t01 - Make Some Music
d01t02 - Let Jah's Will Be Done
d01t03 - Conscious Party
d01t04 - Forward To Love
d01t05 - Roads Less Traveled
d01t06 - Beach In Hawaii
d01t07 - Tomorrow People
d01t08 - True To Myself
d01t09 - Stir It Up
Disc #2
d02t01 - Black Cat
d02t02 - Wild And Free
d02t03 - Is This Love
d02t04 - Reggae In My Head
d02t05 - Love Is My Religion
d02t06 - Personal Revolution
d02t07 - Justice
d02t08 - Changes
d02t09 - Look Who's Dancing

Taper's notes: I've been recording a bunch of shows this Summer using my old Sonics with my new M10. Being omnis I do my best to get nearest the center of the sound field and as close as possible. I haven't been happy, though, with the quality of recordings I've been able to pull. Sure many venues were pretty large (like the Gorge) but the sound has been turning out really wavy and whispy so at this venue I planted myself directly in front of the right stack to get a more direct flow of music to my mics. And I like it! I think this is my best pull of the year with a good balance to the mix and the bass isn't all blown out. The first 45 minutes of the show the PA was turned up pretty high and vocals were crackling a little coming out but it's not too bad. The crowd was a little chatty, especially near the beginning (there were a lot of chicks there which is always a mixed blessing) when I had a couple to my right that would not shut up. Later they were quitter but you do here the guy say into my left ear something like 'that takes good pictures' as he saw me snapping some photos (all horrible, btw) Around 1/2 way through the show the PA was turned way down per neighborhood rules. About all the post-editing I did other than fades was bump the decibels up for that latter part…..enjoy!!

PS- Dedicated to Kip the manager at the Athletic club who made me tear my split omni's down at the Robert Randolph show earlier in the year……