Band/Artist: Ziggy Marley
Date: Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Venue: Athletic Club of Bend
Location: Bend, OR

Source: Sonic Studios -> Sony M10
Lineage: Sony M10-> Amadeus -> flac
Taped by: DatMike
Transferred by: DatMike

Set List

(1st song missing)

1) ...Be Free
2) Personal Revolution
3) Roots, Rock, Reggae
4) Reggae In My Head
5) Lively Up Yourself
6) Black Cat
7) Changes
8) True to Myself
9) Forward to Love->Love is my Religion intro
10) Love Is My Religion
11) Could You Be Loved
12) Tomorrow People
13) Justice>
14) Get Up, Stand Up
15) Look Who's Dancin' Now

Enjoy and share often!! DatMike