Ziggy Marley
Zoo Concerts
Portland, Or.

01.Conscious Party
02.Give It Away
03.Reggae In My Head
04.Forward To Love
06.Wild And Free
07.True To Myself
08.Justice<War<Get Up Stand Up<Justice
09.Look Who's Dancing
10.I Don't Wanna Live On Mars
11.Beach In Hawaii
12.Is This Love
13.Love Is My Religion
14.Fly Rasta
15.Black Cat
16.Moving Forward
17.Positive Vibration

Ziggy Marley - guitar, vocals
Carlton "Santa" Davis - drums, vocals#
Takeshi Akimoto - guitar
Pablo Stennet - bass, vocals
Rohan Marley - keyboards
Tracy Hazzard - backup vocals
Chantelle Ernandez - backup vocals

# = Carlton "Santa" Davis is a musician from Jamaica, primarily known for his drumming with bands such as Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Aggrovators,Peter Tosh,Jimmy Cliff,Carlos Santana, Original Soul Syndicate, and Roots Radics.
Santa was shoot at Peter Tosh' house the night that took his Life.


Source: Dennis' Audience recording>AudioReality Stealth condenser mics {http://audioreality.com/}>Battery Box>
Sony PCM-M10 "WAV" (16 bit 44.1khz)master
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