Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers

H.O.R.D.E Festival
Marcus Amphitheater
Milwaukee, WI
August 19, 1995

Lineage: Sonic Studio mics > Sony TCD-D7 > DAT MASTER > Tascam da-20 > optical > Mac sound studio > aiff > Foobar (fade in and out/WAV conversion) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Traders Little Helper > FLAC

Recorded by: frankmhere
Transferred by: hscottm [part of JSSS]
Tracked by: frankmhere

Taper notes:
This was an interesting day and everything was going wrong. First, I arrived late to the Marcus Amphitheater and was stuck in line trying to get in. Once inside I was quickly trying to get my gear set-up and Ziggy went on early. I missed most of the first song. Apparently word did not get to security about these bands being taper friendly. During one song you can hear security giving me a hard time. I was looking at my DAT deck when the security person came up behind me. The amphitheater was mostly empty, the security guy was right behind me and said, "What have we got here?" (or something similar). I was looking down at the deck watching the levels and just said "A D7". I wasn't looking at him and thought it was just another taper coming to chat. I then looked up and saw that it was security and thought, what the heck? He started saying something about my mic stand potentially blocking the view of other people. I hadn't had a chance to put it up all the way and it was only about 6 feet tall. I stood up and was as tall as it. I said, "if I stand". He then said something else (I don't recall). I pointed to another mic stand closer to the stage which was about 8 feet tall. He left. I then started looking at my deck again, checking out the levels and then thought, damn, I wonder if the mics picked up that conversation. The jerk could have screwed up my recording that was already screwed up. The last song also ended up getting cut off. DAMN.

I also captured Blues Traveler and Dave Matthews (however, there is a better version of Dave Matthews being traded so I never transferred that recording).

In the end Ziggy turned out pretty decent in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. Ziggy was pretty awesome.

01 Unknown (cuts in)
02 Conscious Party
03 Live It Up
04 Rebel In Disguise
05 Tipsy Dazy
06 Get Up Stand Up
07 Tomorrow People
08 Free Like We Want 2 B
09 Could You Stand Still
10 Could You Be Loved
11 Power to Move Ya (cut)