Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers (Usa)In Concert In The Q-Bus City Leiden Holland 2012-02-07

Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers

in concert in the Q-bus

city Leiden Holland 2012-02-07

taped by Ane (flipp022)

Audience recording

audio recorder sony pcm-d50(1)

microphone homemade model 2024 on hairband

Sound edited by Ane (flipp022)

the sound quality can you hear after downloading, is very good hifi stereo

not good money back.


flac level> 6

20 tracks

I don't know the names of the songs, who can help !!!

Tuesday 7 February 2012 ZOE MUTH & THE LOST HIGH ROLLERS (USA)

If you're from Seattle the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix you, listen to rock music comes automatically.

So that is what the singer Zoe Muth did too, until she was in high school discovered the Anthology of American Folk Music.

From that moment she decided to write and record songs themselves.

Initially under its own management, later on the renowned Signature Sounds label (oa Eilen Jewell,

Jeffrey Foucault). With her band The Lost High Rollers in april this year,

she released the CD "Starlight Hotel", which got rave reviews and its comparisons with oa Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams.