The Zombies
August 21, 2003
Knitting Factory
Hollywood, CA.

core sound bi-noral mics >Sharp Mini Disc recorder>tracking, Levels and mild EQ adjustments made with Audacity.
flac files made with xACT

A hitwitstuff2 Upload/MC Ferret AUD Recording!

My Recorder, my mini disks, but I wasn’t there! MC Ferret took my stuff and recorded this show himself and we both kind of forgot about it. A few weeks ago I was digging through a box of master mini disks and there these were, unlabeled. I had to google the dates; I got August 20 and 21, but I think 21 is correct.

1. Introduction
2. Andorra
3. This Will Be Our Year
4. I Love You
5. banter
6. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
7. A Rose of For Emily
8. banter
9. Beachwood Park
10. banter
11. Time of the Season
13. In My Mind A Miracle
14. Keep on Rolling
15. Hold Your Head Up (edited)
16. banter
17. Misty Roses
18. banter
19. I Don’t Believe in Miracles
20. banter
21. Care of Cell
22. Indication/Tell Her No
23. band intro
24. She’s Not There
25. crowd
26. Just Out of Reach
27. banter
28. God Gave Us Rock and Roll
29. banter
30. Summertime
31. intro of Original Guitarist Paul Atkinson
32. She’s Not There (w/Paul Atkinson)