The Zombies - The Theater, Westbury LI NY - 2009-07-09
Okay, this was my first attempt at recording a show, and my first attempt at uploading a torrent so please bear with me.
Got my brand new Edirol R09HR and front row seats so I'm ready to go right....
Well while playing with the R09 all week to familiarize myself with the buttons and such, I used quite a bit of battery power and of course I forgot to change them or bring the extra batteries I had so carefully put next to my car keys.
Snap decision to only record the Zombies and hope for the best.
Did I mention I was in the front row? On the aisle? With a theater employee standing next to me it became clear I was going to have to be extra stealthy. Took off my denim shirt and with the recorder in the pocket I figured I'm good to go. Managed to get it started and adjust levels as best I could without being too obvious.
Rod Argent was about 10 feet from me and I could swear he looked right at the little red recorder light and if it wasn't for the 2 increasingly drunken ladies sitting off to our left I'd have been busted.
I didn't want to hold the recorder in my lap so I put it on the stage in front of me and there it stayed for the whole show. So for my first attempt I recorded from the stage with dying batteries and a scowling wife who wouldn't switch seats with me so I could make new friends with the drunken babes.
Constructive criticism welcomed. I'm just starting out at this.