The Zombies
Paramount Hudson Valley Theatre
Peekskill, NY
15 August 2014
Lineage: Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 in ear binaurals > ZoomH2 > Tracks split using Sound Studio > to FLAC using xACT

Recording Location: 4th Row. 4 seats from right aisle.

Disc 1:
01 intro
02 I Love You
03 Can't Nobody Love You
04 Breathe Out, Breathe In
05 I Want You Back Again
06 You Make Me Feel Good
07 She's Coming Home
08 I Don't Believe in Miracles
09 Any Other Way
10 A Rose For Emily
11 Care of Cell 44
Disc 2:
12 This Will Be Our Year
13 I Want Her, She Wants Me
14 Time of the Season
15 Moving On
16 Tell Her No
17 You Really Got A Hold On Me _ Bring It On Home To Me
18 Old & Wise
19 Hold Your Head Up
20 She's Not There
21 God Gave Rock and Roll To You
22 The Way I Feel Inside

The Paramount Theater has reopened after their financial collapse a few years back. I used to go there very regularly and I had been waiting for an act that I might actually want to see to show up there. The slow collapse, temporary closing, and slow recovery of the theatre has meant that it's been nearly four years since I have seen a show there. I parked easily and got to the show with plenty of time to spare, spotted the people who had my ticket from across the street. All was going well until I took out my camera to snap a picture of the marquee and noticed my battery door hanging open. So…… no artwork yet. At least the battery was fully charged when I got home. Fortunately, the battery in the recorder was where it was supposed to be. One of the people I went with snapped some pictures with his phone, so if he remembers to email them to me, I may be able to provide artwork later. This was a great show with a very enthusiastic crowd.