The Zombies
Ridgefield Playhouse
Ridgefield, CT
Ocotober 13, 2015

Lineage: Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 in ear binaurals > ZoomH2 > Tracks split using Sound Studio > to FLAC using xACT

Recording Location: Way up in the balcony. Slightly right of center.

artwork included

Set 1:
01 intro
02 I Love You
03 Can't Nobody Love You
04 I Want You Back Again
05 Moving On
06 Edge of the Rainbow
07 Tell Her No
08 You Really Got a Hold On Me_Bring it on Home to Me
09 Rod Argent talks
10 Maybe Tomorrow
11 New York
12 Caroline Goodbye
13 Chasing the Past
14 Rod Argent talks
15 Hold Your Head Up
16 She's Not There

01 intro
02 Care of Cell 44
03 A Song For Emily
04 Maybe After He's Gone
05 Beechwood Park
06 Brief Candles
07 Hung up on a Dream
08 Changes
09 I Want Her She Wants Me
10 This Will Be Our Year
11 Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
12 Friends of Mine
13 Time of the Season
14 band intros
15 She's Not There

Set 1:
Rod Argent - keys, vocals
Colin Blunstone- vocals
Jim Rodford - Bass, B.vocals
Steve Rodford - Drums
Tom Toomey - Guitar, b. vocals

Set 2:
Rod Argent - keys, vocals
Colin Blunstone- vocals
Chris White - Bass, vocals
Hugh Grundy - Drums
Tom Toomey - Guitar, b. vocals
Jim Rodford - B.vocals
Viv Boucherat - B. Vocals
Darian Sahanaja - Additional keyboards (to re-create overdubs)

(Everyone performs on last song)

This recording came out OK, but my recording of friday night's show was better. This sounds a little distant (because it was.) Since I bought the ticket 4 days before the show there weren't too many seats left to choose from. One loud clapper behind me also. Some guy to my left told me I was a "dead ringer for Alan Parsons." I will admit to a slight resemblance. As the night went on he seemed to decide that I WAS Alan Parsons and proceeded to tell my what his favorite albums of "mine" were.

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