The Zombies 20160914 Boulder Theater Boulder CO US

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-4U -> Naiant PFA -> Tascam DR-44WL 96kHz24b WAV -> GoldWave

merge WAV segments to single FLAC, min 24b resolution throughout until final output
set cue points
no EQ applied
normalized, both channels locked
split to max compression FLAC tracks, aligned to SBE, 44_1kHz16b

Track List:
01 introducing The Zombies.flac
02 I Love You.flac
03 Can't Nobody Love You.flac
04 Colin speaks 1.flac
05 I Want You Back Again.flac
06 Going Out Of My Head.flac
07 Rod speaks 1.flac
08 Moving On.flac
09 Edge Of The Rainbow.flac
10 Colin speaks 2.flac
11 I Don't Beleive In Miracles.flac
12 Rod speaks 2.flac
13 Care Of Cell 44.flac
14 This Will Be Our Year.flac
15 Rod speaks 3.flac
16 I Want Her She Wants Me.flac
17 Time Of The Season.flac
18 Chasing The Past.flac
19 Rod speaks 4.flac
20 Sticks And Stones.flac
21 Tell Her No.flac
22 Really Got A Hold On Me.flac
23 Rod speaks 5.flac
24 Hold Your Head Up.flac
25 band introductions.flac
26 She's Not There.flac
27 Colin speaks 3.flac
28 God Gave Rock And Roll To You.flac

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Use as you wish and enjoy!

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