Burg Herzberg Festival 1998
Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany
July - 18 - 1998


Rec. Info:
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YOUR EARS AND MIND...and the space within...
Short and unfortuntely "cut" soundboard from Zone Sixes - I guess - second performance on Burg Herzberg that year. This might will lead to a bit of controversity wether this was
released "official", as the mentioned album "LIve Pebbles Vol. 1" is not available any more. Even more, the date on that album (1998/07/16) and the opening track named "First trip..."
suggest that were at least TWO shows up there on the HOLY MOUNTAIN. But I can't remember too much from that festival...maybe somebody knows better...?

At least some 45+ minutes of ultimative PSYCHEDELIC SPACE ROCK from one of the greatest bands out of the german krautspace movement of the late 90's.
ZONE SIX have just released their new album in 11 years, and though the lineup may be much different, I'll guess it's another trip into the outskirts of mind and reality.
Hope you will enjoy this trip, lighten one up, relax yourself and drift up into the sweet spring night air...SB.


ALL I GOT (46:36 min)

01. SpaceCookie One (18:17)
02. SpaceCookie Two (20:01)
03a. SpaceCookie Three (8:17) *
03b. Spacecookie Three (8:17) **

* fade out version
** original with the brutal cut

Support the band, go to their shows, buy all the merchandise your spaceship can carry!
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use only. No lossy blog/tracker use! Flac rules!
If you spread keep linage/taper info intact. It's us tapers that give you this recording for free!
If you sell...go fucking straight to hell...

the lineup may be...

DAVE SCHMIDT - bass, effects
HP RINGHOLZ - guitar
RUSTY - electronics

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