1975 - 1977

Lovely Girl 1975 Demo and '75/'77 Rehearsals/Demos

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01. Lovely Girl . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02:26

02. Blatherskites of Love . . . . . . . . 02:51
03. Eat 'em Raw . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02:03
04. Would You F-I-B to the FBI ? . . . . 03:21
05. Tits and Ass . . . . . . . . . . . . 02:46
06. Can't You See That B Can Be C Flat ? 06:46

07. Inside My Head There's A Vacuum . . . 17:46

total time : 00:38:01

Lineage: low (2nd?) gen Maxell XLII cassettes > Onkyo TA W460 deck > TDK DA-3826 > CD-R > EAC (secure mode) > .wav > TLH flac 8 > you.

tape and transfer : november 17 2011 mcchocchoc

Track one, Lovely Girl, is Zobus' debut "Pro Recording" ! ! ! It was produced by
Leslie Fradkin
at some point during 1975. Here is my best guess as to whom played
on this track . .

Zoogz Rift - Vocal
Scott Colby - Slide Guitar
Rich Hass - Vibes/Marimba
Tom Nagy - Drums
Rob ? - Sax
Pat ? - Bass

Tracks 02 - 06 are from 1975. Recorded at Rehearsal. No month or date on my tape,
which was labeled by ZR. There were MANY members in and out of Zobus, I am not certain of all of the players. That said, my best guess is the same as listed for track 1.

Track 7,Inside My Head There's A Vacuum, is from "Early 1977". The last Zobus show in New Jersey happened on 1977-04-19. Shortly after that show most of the Band packed up a van and a car and headed to California. So, this recording had to be made at some point during the Winter or early Spring of that year. Here are the players involved . .

Zoogz Rift - Vocal, Guitar
Scott Colby - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Rich Hass - Vibes
Mooch Urban - Saxes, Clarinet
Paul Cannizzo - Bass
Ron "Raz" Lorman - Drums

other notes : During the second half of "Lovely Girl" there is a bit of "noise".
That is how my cassette is. I made no attempt to 'clean it up'. That aside, it sounds
excellent ! As do the rest of these recordings.

Tracks 02-06 are really great. Some fans may notice many differences heard on these very early versions. For one, Scott takes the lead vocal on "Eat 'em Raw". "Blatherskites of Love" is unreleased in any from and is a very cool ZR tune with a sweet vocal and great slide solo by Scott, followed by a very nice synth solo by ZR. Great track. "Would You F-I-B to the FBI" is very different, the first few lines are sung in a regular voice by Zoogz and then it's Munchkin Vocals for the rest ! The lyrics are a bit different and the section after the vocal is totally different than any other versions that I have shared. That section also features lyrics !

This is the second version of "Tits and Ass" I've shared. Fun little number. I am not sure who played Harmonica on this on, but it's good.

The last track "Inside My Head Is A Vacuum" is a blast. A long funky number with lots of funny dialog and a lot of soloing. It seems they were tracking this to work on and edit at a later point in time. I may have another version of this somewhere in the Archives here. I'll have to search for it. The drummer on this recording ( Raz Lorman )
went on tour as a drum tech for the George Duke Band when the band split to California.
He was supposed to get back with the band out there after the tour, but he did not. Zappa fans will notice a few silly FZ related comments on this very fun piece and like much of the early Zoogz/Zobus material I have shared, no version was ever released. This is a really great and historical chunk of music. Enjoy !

As always, much thanks to Zoogz for all of the music. Also thanks to the players.