Zora Young
Aug 27, 2009 6:45 - 8:45 PM
Niwot on the Rails
Niwot, CO
Total Time = 106:24 minutes

Recorded by Patrick H.

Source: Church Audio CA-11 Omni caps
-> CA St-9000 (Gain +20) -> Edirol
R09HR (24/96) (Line In) (St9000
Gain = 60%, Edirol Record Level = 52)

Location: 2nd row first set, about 10
feet from center. 2nd set dance area
dead center about 15 feet closer then
first set.

Transfer: Edirol R09HR (24/96) wav ->
USB cable -> PC

Editing: Wavelab (plugins)-> Flac(16)

MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
By Patrick H. 08/27/2009

Disc 1 Set 1 (60:05)
Zora Young Band
01 My baby left me 4:12
02 Fever 5:26
03 Cissy Strut 7:04
04 Dixie line 4:54
05 Jam - Solo by each member 7:14

W/Zora Young and her band
06 Czary love 6:23
07 Rock with me tonight 6:07
08 How blue can you get 6:45
09 Girlfriend 5:35
10 Please send me 6:18
someone to love

Disc 2 Set 2 (46:23)
Zora Young Band
01 Opening Jam 6:13
02 Hideaway Piano? 5:30

W/Zora Young and her band
03 Too Tough 10:25
04 Rock me Baby 8:37
05 Son of Gun? 8:41
06 Mojo Hand 6:52


D1T01 Adjusting Levels first minute
of show. At 30 seconds turn on the
30+ gain and there is a jump in sound
in music.

ZY played 2 sets. One a little over an
hour and the 2nd set at about 45 minutes.
ZY had a 5 piece band with ZY on lead vocals,
a drumer and bass player and a
a keyboard player. Sound was good
at outdoors with no wind and very
low humidy around 10%. Recording came out
nice. Some crowd noise due to festival.
Altitude was bothering Zora.

I recorded 2nd row for the first 4-5
songs of the first set. Then I moved
to the dance area for the rest of first
and all of second set. Zora young band
was local musicians. I believe one use
to be the lead guitarist for mojojambus
and seen the other 3 musicians back
Randall Dubis? and are called the
"CO Blues All stars" I believe. All
are talented and this was a boogie
show with everyone dancing. Good times.

Took photos and put them in a directory
called "pics". I guessed on song titles.

Performance: A
Sound Quality: B+/A-