John Zorn - alto sax
John Medeski - B3 organ
Marc Ribot - guitar
Sim Cain - drums

Wetlands, NYC, NY, USA
March 10, 1998

from my DAT master
SSDSM6>D7>Soundforge9.0(minor processing, downsampling)>Flac7> Dime

Just stumbled across this DAT master and remembered it sounding good, and upon re-listening, it does. These guys started doing lots of these types of gigs around '97, with rotating drummers (Kenny Wolleson, Cornell Rochester, Ben Perowsky, etc.), some of them were billed as a Larry Young tribute. To me this sounds more enjoyable than any of the Knitting Factory or Tonic gigs... I stood directly in front of the stage for this. Sample below. The gig was a birthday celebration for someone named Michele, I think she used to work at the Knitting Factory. I clipped the Village Voice ad for this gig and the scan is included.

40 minutes, complete set. I split this into 3 tracks, which segue into each other. No setlist.