Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
February 1st, 2014

A Lukatherfan recording

CA Cardioids>>Mic In>>Sony PCM-M10 Recorder>>PC>>Split & Volume Boost Using Goldwave

1) Rock And Roll
2) The Wanton Song
3) Achilles Last Stand
4) The Ocean
5) Dancing Days
6) Black Dog
7) Ten Years Gone
8) Over The Hills And Far Away
9) No Quarter
10) Nobody's Fault But Mine
11) The Rover
12) The Song Remains The Same
13) The Rain Song
14) Moby Dick
15) Kashmir

I have mixed feelings about tribute bands, especially when the real thing is touring (Eagles anyone?). But for bands that are no longer extant then I am intrigued. Having said all of that...

I love these guys! After a couple of years of sellouts at this same venue, they played two nights this year. Night one was advertised as containing songs from Led Zeppelin I-IV, with night 2 containing songs from IV through In through The Out Door. Night 2 saw no songs from In Through The Out Door and a repeat of Moby Dick but otherwise was as advertised. Moby was the only repeat between the two nights.

Sound-wise, this one is better than night 1. Again I had mic issues, with the right channel signal being very faint. I boosted it in Goldwave, but there is some hiss in the right channel. Enjoy!!