Addison Groove Project
September 4, 2005
moe.down 6, beer tent stage
Snow Ridge Ski Area
Turin, NY

Nakamichi CM-300s (cards, x/y, approx 7.5' up, immediately FOB) > AD-20 > optical > jb3

jb3 > usb > hd > Sound Forge 4.5 (normalize, fades/edits/eq) > CD Wave > FLAC frontend

Recorded and transferred by:
MikeG (tangerineman at sympatico dot ca)

AGP are:
Dave Adams, alto sax & vox
Ben Groppe, tenor sax
Andrew Keith, drums
Rob Marscher, keys
Brendan McGinn, vox, guit

Disc One 79:58

Set I
Intro > Turning Points 11.50
Waiting for the Polls to Close 8.25
Cross the Tracks@ 4.15
Crullers & Nyquil 8.41
Them Changes# 6:42
Gorgonzola 6:56
4 and 1 8:17

Set II
Organ Donor > 4:46
Neo-Geo > 10:41
Don't Worry 9:19

Disc Two 70.28

Set II cont.
Brown Sunlight 11:12
Spider$ > 7:55
Around the World% Jam > 6:13
Spider 2:38
If You Have to Ask& 7:20

The Reverend > 22:48
Have a Cigar* 12:19

@ Maceo and the Macks
# Hendrix/Band of Gypsys
$ Herbie Hancock
% Daft Punk
& Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Pink Floyd

Digiflex xlr cables (Canare/Neutrik)
Optical cable from a vintage (ca 1993) Sony laserdisc player
Cheap vocal mic stand (I'm working on a Manfrotto; one
investment at a time :-) )

Gain adjustments early on compensated for in Sound Forge
using Normalize and one instance of Dither and Noise Shape

Fades applied to beginnings and ends of some sets

Some 18 seconds of crowd noise between 'Gorgonzola' and
'4 and 1' as well as some pre-set banter cut to allow
all three sets to fit onto two 80-min discs (specifically,
to be able to move Organ Donor > Neo-Geo > Don't Worry
to the end of Disc One)

AGP played in the beer tent Sunday at roughly 4:45-5:45
(before Violent Femmes' main stage set), 7:15-8:10 and
9:30-10:10 (before moe.'s last two main stage sets)

AGP soundman Steve S now also works the board for Matisyahu,
who played the main stage immediately before AGP's first set,
so Steve was only at the board for sets II and III

Issues with Rob M's keyboard connections prevented him from
using his full setup during Set I

Thanks to Brad and Steph for playing defense around the mic
stand (glowsticks and beach balls can be fun, but not in a beer tent)

And big thanks to Rob and the whole band for being so friendly,
taper- and otherwise.