Albert King
Fillmore East
NYC, New York

Intro by Bill Graham 0:05
Knock On Wood (instrumental) 5:12
Blues Power 9:41
Crosscut Saw 5:51
Personal Manager 6:08
Instrumental jam 1:54

WNEW FM Broadcast private show by invitation only - last show at the Fillmore East.
Closing Night for the general public was the night before.

History: FM -> MR -> Dolby B encoded reel (3.75 ips) -> Panasonic SV-3700 DAT -> Turtle Beach Fiji S/PDIF input ->
CoolEdit Pro (minor editing, normalization, and a touch of noise reduction) -> CDWav -> SHN
The performances at the original concert were, in order: Albert King J. Geils Band Edgar Winter's White Trash Mountain
The Beach Boys Country Joe McDonald The Allman Bros.

Notes: Original recording, and DAT and CDR transfer, by yours truly, Miner Gleason (
Drop me a line and let me know what you think of this stuff. Unfortunately, I did not keep the original master reels;
at the time I was a poor college student and needed to conserve tape, and so I dubbed the masters to 1st gen reels,
editing out all the commercials and between-set dead air, and then reused the masters to record other things.
Oh well. General Flaws: There is evident FM compression, occasional distortion, and the sound is variable though mostly
quite good. Alas, there is also a touch of Dolby decode mistracking. Mea culpa; I committed the cardinal sin of Dolby B
recording by neglecting to include a reference calibration tone on the tapes, so I had to set it by ear, and did the best I could,
but it's not quite exactly perfect.