Alice Coltrane - Carnegie Hall Alice Coltrane- harp, piano, perc Pharoah Sanders- tenor sax, saprano sax, flute, perc, fifes Archie Shepp- tenor sax, saprano sax, perc Jimmy Garrison- bass Cecil McBee- bass Clifford Jarvis- drums Ed Blackwell- drums Tulsi- tamboura Kumar Kramer- harmonium. Live at Carnegie Hall, New York, Feb 21, 1971. Incomplete show. One track only. This show was recorded and Coltrane played four songs that evening.

I think the tune is... Journey in Satchidananda

carnegie hall
1 track

3 tracks

i don't know the other players nor the lineage. thanks to my friend in europe for the cdr!
i figured after all the esoteric stuff i've put up recently, here's one for general consumption. if yer feeling adventurous, check some of the other seeds i've put up lately...
more coming!