Alison Krauss & Union Station

June 02, 1991

Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival,
Preston, CT


Disc 1 (Early Set):
1) On the Borderline
2) John Henry
3) Inst
4) Last Love Letter
5) Endless Highway
6) You Can Take Your Time
7) I Don't Know Why
8) Sleep On
9) Pass Me Not
10) I Know What It Means to be Lonesome
11) Encore: Wheelhouse

Disc 2 (Late Set):
1) Don't Pick Me Up Just to Knock Me Down
2) It's Too Late
3) Love You In Vain
4) It's Over
5) In Your Eyes
6) Trusting In Jesus
7) I Need Your Love to Guide Me
8) Where the Snow White Flowers Grow
9) Mama's Hand
10) That's All I Can Say
11) Two Highways
12) Another Day, Another Dollar

Alison Krauss: Vocals, fiddle
Allison Brown: Banjo
Adam Steffey: Mandolin
Tim Stafford: Guitar
Barry Bales: Bass