Alison Krauss & Union Station with The Cox Family
Somerville Theatre
Somerville, MA
December 3, 1994

Source: DAUD Master DAT Sennheiser 421 > Teac DAT 1st Row Balcony
Transfers: Casio DA-7 > Tascam CD-RW 700 (pass through –4 db) >
Audiophile 2496 @ 24/44.1 KHz WAV using Wavelab 5 >
mastered to 16/44.1 KHz WAV (Waves L3) > CDWAV 1.9 > FLAC
Recorded, Transfers, Remastering by whynotus October 2006

Disc 1 66:25
The Cox Family

1. Intro By Alison Krauss
2. If We Make It Through December
3. Little White Wash Chimney
4. Band Intros
5. Everybody’s Reaching Out For Someone
6. She’s Written All Over Your Face
7. But I Do
8. Standing By The Bedside
Willard Cox Fiddle
Suzanne Cox Mandolin
Sidney Cox Dobro, Banjo, Fiddle
Evelyn Cox Guitar
Barry Bales Bass

Alison Krauss & Union Station

9. Intro By Willard Cox
10. Lose Again
11. It Won’t Work Out This Time
12. Wheatabix
13. I Don’t Know Why
14. Band Intros
15. Steel Rails
16. Wild Bill Jones
17. Looking In The Eyes Of Love
18. Big Mon

Alison Krauss Fiddle
Adam Steffey Mandolin
Ron Block Banjo
Dan Tyminski Guitar
Barry Bales Bass

Disc 2 76:00
Alison Krauss & Union Station with The Cox Family

1. Intro
2. Walk Over God’s Heaven
3. Where No One Stands Alone
4. Will There Be Any Stars?
5. I Never Will Give Up
6. I’d Rather Have Jesus
7. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
8. Far Side Bank Of Jordan
9. Band Intros
10. Heaven’s Just A Prayer Away
11. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
12. In The Palm Of Your Hand
13. Love Me Like A Rock
14. Jewels
15. Moving One Of These Days
16. Crowd
17. He Walks With Me
18. Crowd
19. Silver Bells

Added Musicians for Full Band
Rob Ikes Dobro
Larry Atumaniuk Drums
Gary Smith Piano

Notes: This was from a short tour to promote the
“I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” album with strictly
no taping allowed. There is slight knocking of
the hand held mics to keep the covered while
recording from the ledge of the balcony.