Alvin Lee & Steppenwolf , Westbury Music Fair , Westbury ,Ny 6/10/87

Taper : Joebeacon

Nak 300 Mics > Sony D5

Disc 1 : Alvin Lee

Setlist :

02-One Of These Days
03-Detroit Diesel
04-Good Morning Little School Girl
05-Slow Blues In C
06-Rock & Roll Guitar Picker
07-She's So Cute
08-Love Like A Man
09-Hey Joe *
10-I'm Going Home
Encores :
11-I'm Going Home
12-Rip It Up

* Tape Flip After Song

Disc 2 : Steppenwolf

Setlist :

02-Hold On
03-It's All Right
04-Rock Steady I'm Rough & Ready
05-Rock Me Baby >
06-Movin' On *
07-Replace The Face
08- ?
09-Turn Out The Lights
11-Everybody Knows You
12-Spacey Jam >
13-Magic Carpet Ride
14-Guitar Solo **
15-Born To Be Wild
Encore :
16-The Pusher

* Tape Flip After Song
** Something Broke On Stage So While They Tryed To Fix It There Was
A Guitar Solo. They Never Got It Fixed .

This Was A Great Night Of Music And Partying . We Had A Keg Party The Night
Before This Show So The Party Ran Into The Next Day So We Decided To Buy Two More
Kegs Of Beer And Bring Them To The Show With Us . For All The People That Have
Been To The Westbury Music Fair In The Old Days They Use To Let You In And Out Of
The Place So We Were Running In And Out Grabbing Cups Of Beer . By The Time
I Got Into The Show I Was Pretty Buzzed So I Took My Mics And Sat Them On The Seat Next To Me
Pointed Them At The Speakers Hit Record Set The Levels And Pretty Much
Left Them There For The Whole Night . I Did Make All The Tape Flips And No
Music Is Missing And No Songs Get Cut How That Happened Is Beyond Me .
Anyway The Show Came Out Pretty Good . I Don't Like To Rate Shows But I Would Say
It's A A- Some People Might Think B+ But Its All About How You Rate Shows.
Alvin Kicks Ass And Steppenwolf Is Very Good Also . I Did My Best On The Songs
Any Help Would Be Cool . Let Me Know What You Think Of The Show And Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!