Anders Osborne/Eric McFadden/Wally Ingram
Targhee Fest 2005
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

Source: Nak CM-300/CP-1(x3;FOB)>Shure FP42>DA-P1>?>CDR
Transfer:CDR>EAC>Flac Frontend (level 6)>Flac16>you

Taped by: Greg Anderson
Transfered by: Scott Brown

I am not familar with this band. I listened to the set and I can tell you
it does infact jam out! I added it due to the fact Ted sat in with them.


1. Banter/tuning
2. Make it Work For You
3. Ya-Ya
4. Crucify Me>
5. I've Changed>
6. I Only Laugh When it Hurts

(W/Chris Haugen, Dave Pellicciaro, Ted Pecchio, and a percussion player)