Ani Difranco
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia
Wednesday April 26, 2006

Sony MD MZ-R700>WavePad>Wav>Flac

taped from about halfway back and a little to the left
some scraping sound due to the mic rubbing against my shirt, not many times though and definatly not a major problem. Enjoy and DON'T SELL ON EBAY OR CONVERT TO MP3 EXCEPT FOR PERSONAL USE.

1 Shy
2 Manhole
3 Studying Stones
4 Sunday Morning
5 Fuel
6 Decree
7 Untouchable Face
8 78% Water
9 Nicotene
10 Two Little Girls ft Mary Jane
11 As Is
12 Animal
13 Swandive (noise)
14 Unrequited
15 Recoil
16 Shameless
17 Grand Canyon
18 Encore: Started as Gravel but tuning was off then switched guitars and tried again, tuning off. So she played Evolve
19. Encore 2: Hypnotized