Art Tatum
Café Society
New York, NY

Solo Piano Show.

Source: (see notes)

no setlist.

1. (4:07)
2. (3:32)
3. (6:43)
4. (2:40)
5. (2:34)
6. (4:13)
7. (5:12)

Total Time: 29:07

Notes: This appears to have been recorded with microphones, so I guess you could call it an "Audience Recording." Many live Jazz shows from this era were recorded using this method. This was a very "noisy" recording when I received it, sounded like an issue with the tape it was transferred from. I applied a light hiss removal to this and the sound has been improved a great deal. I would say this was a 'B' quality recording before the hiss removal and maybe now it's a 'B+' but it does sound OK for the time period.

I received this recording on a CDR with no source info, tracks 1-2 were a single track, and tracks 3-7 were a single track. I've retracked the entire show, and added fades where needed.