Bevis Frond
Terrastock IV
The Showbox, Seattle, WA
Sbd/Aud Matrix

01 intro
02 Intro Jam >
03 Hole Song #2
04 God Sent
05 Maybe
06 Reflections In A Tall Mirror
07 High On A Downer
08 God Speed You To Earth
09 Well Out Of It

Earlier that evening, Bevis Frond also backed up Country Joe McDonald for his set. That matrix recording is also available.

Sbd. source:
Soundboard > Balanced line >
Sony PCM-R500 DAT at 44.1kHz (SBM enabled)

Aud. source:
Schoeps MK-4 capsules >
Active collette cables >
Custom pre-amp / power supply >
Sony SBM-1 A/D converter >
Sony TCD-D8 or TCD-D7 DAT at 44.1kHz

Processing in Vegas 12.0 and Sound Forge 11.0:
Matrix synchronize and mix
Waves L3 Ultramaximizer (limiting, dither, noise shaping)

Both sources are my own master. I had the unusual opportunity to simultaneously have one DAT deck at the FOH mixing location plugged into the board, while I made a separate stealth audience recording from close to the stage.

The sbd has probably circulated lightly and the aud may have been circulated but probably not.
There is likely another sbd source from a 2nd recorder that was daisy-chained. It should be identical.
The sbd source was probably also used for the audio track on the video recording that has circulated.
This is surely the first time that a matrix will circulate.

This is my first crack at doing a matrix. It only took me 15 years to get around to doing it!