Banjomania: Pete Wernick, Bill Keith, Barry Abernathy
Ancramdale, NY - Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival - Workshop Stage

Taper: Brian Skalinder
Location: Just left of center, 15' back, 7' up clamped to soundboard structure
Config: NOS (30cm, 90)
Source: Schoeps MK4/KC5/CMC6 > Lunatec V3 > Sony D8 (48k)
Conversion: DA-30 > Waveterminal 2496 (44.1k) > Cool Edit 2000 > CD-Wave

Pete Wernick - banjo
Bill Keith - banjo
Barry Abernathy - banjo
w/ Ben Krakauer - banjo


01. intro [1]
02. Old Joe Clark
03. talking
04. June Apple / Red-Haired Boy
05. talking
06. Go Cheetahs Go
07. talking [2]
08. Angelina Baker
09. talking
10. Up On The Blue Ridge
11. talking
12. talking, playing [3]
14. talking
15. Ruthie
16. talking
17. John Henry


[1] Starts off with just Pete Wernick and Bill Keith
[2] Barry Abernathy arrives and guest Ben Krakauer joins in
[3] Bill Keith, Barry Abernathy, and Ben Krakauer depart

Ran the V3 hot to get best sound possible out of the music. As a
result, the audience applause clips. Is it me, or does the V3 clip
fairly gracefully? Doesn't sound nearly as nasty as clipping I've
had on other tapes I've made. Anyway, compressed the applause 10:1
above -9dB in post to reduce the shock of the overpowering applause at
the end of each song. Applied various compression to reduce applause
during playing, but only down to the level of the music - no music
compressed. Unedited master available if anyone wants it.