Barry Melton Band w/Bill Scholer & other guests
Solon Club at Raley Field
West Sacramento, CA

Barry Melton - guitar & vocals, Banana - keys, guitar & vocals,
Roy Blumenfeld - drums, Steve Ashman - bass &
Bill Scholer - guitar & vocals plus Mike McGowan on occasional drums
and a vocal and Dan Wald on guitar for a few tunes (*)

Microtech Gefell M300s about 15' back/8' high > Tascam Da-P1
x'fer: Tascam Da-20mkII > Lynx One > Samplitude 6.0 >
SoundForge 4.5 > MKW > SHN
note: on 2006-08-22 I decoded, changed filenames to LMA standard
and encoded to flac level 6 fixing ay sbe

captured live and domesticated by Richard Selleseth at dbunkhouse

disc one
? (blues instrumental)
Got Love
Rock This House (Bill Scholer vocal)
Back To NYC (Banana vocal)
Mike McGowan intro
Walkin' The Dog (Mike McGowan on drums & vocal)
Dan Wald intro > Woodstock pick schtick

disc two
technical difficulties
Who Do You Love* (Bill Scholer vocal)
Thirty Days*
The Dance*
last call for alcohol ...
Mercury* (Banana vocal)

Note: this was an after game set following the California Legislatures
annual Democrat vs Republican charity softball game. Mike McGowan is a
Yolo County supervisor and Dan Wald is from the Speakers office.
If you don't know, Barry is head public defender for Yolo County. Bill
Scholer is a longtime Davis/Sacramento area blues figure who plays with
Barry on occasion.

The Democrats won this one.