B.B. King
October, 26, 1971
A&R Recording Studios
New York, NY

Source: FM WPLJ > ? > CDR(x) > EAC > WAV > Goldwave > Flac Frontend
EAC'd and remastered by jbraveman@hotmail.com November 2005

Disc 1
1. Band Instrumental
2. DJ Intro
3. Everyday I Have the Blues
4. How Blue Can You Get
5. Whole Lotta Loving
6. Darling You Know I Love You
7. Ghetto Woman
8. I Got Some Help I Don't Need
9. Just Like A Woman//
10. Sweet Sixteen
11. Hummingbird//
12. I Need My Baby >
13. Guess Who?
14. Band Intro
15. The Thrill Is Gone
16. //Get off My Back Woman >
17. Why I Sing The Blues

Notes: The unknown CDRs I recieved of this show were lacking in the high end and had a stereo image which was shifted over to the left. I used Goldwave to make some improvements. I used the pan tool to shift the image more to the center. I also used the parametric eq to boost the treble. I would say the overall sound quality is in the B range. Some songs sound better than others.


d1t09 cut in the middle - fades in and out, some missing
d1t11 cut in the middle - silience removed, some missing
d1t16 fades in, not much missing