Somewhere Over The Rainbow
(A BLT On White To Go)
Released track removed
Beck, Bogert, Appice
TAKRL 1971
Artwork included.
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Although not documented on the boot cover, this track list is a partial
set from one of the two sets played on January 26, 1974 at the Rainbow
Theater in London, which were the last shows of the BBA tour, and, for that
matter, BBA. Another boot named 'At Last Rainbow' has the same set, and
there are a number of other versions. It's reported that the first set
was broadcast on US radio, so there may be better sources. One track from
the first show, 'Blues Deluxe/Rainbow Boogie' was commercially released
on the 'Beckology' set, so is excluded here.

Sound on this boot, overall, is maybe B+, certainly quite listenable, but
inconsistent. It sounds like they spliced in sound from another, poorer,
source towards the end of the album side one. I added a touch of mid-high
range equalization to try and draw it out, to be more in line with the
rest of the recording. There may also have been some tape issues before
transfer to vinyl on 'Song for Lovely Ladies'.

Songs as listed on album side one:
Song For Lovely Ladies 5:19
Lady 7:03
Jizz Whizz/Morning Dew/Drumbo Dues 15:00

Songs as listed on album side two:
Superstitious 5:30
Your Lovemaker's Coming Home 5:36
Blues Deluxe/Rainbow Boogie (removed)