Bele Fleck & the Flecktones @ Harrah's
Council Bluffs IA. 6-10-2006

AKG 414b xls/st(subcard/40hzcut) NOS @ 9ft>
Audio magic X-streams> Lunatec V3 (hpf-0)> D8 48/16

Transfered w/
D8> AudiophileUSB> hdd via CDWave
Downsampled w/ CEP2 (highest setting)
Tracked w/ CDWave Flac'd w/ flac frontend

Thanx to Darb for taping the show!
Transfered,tracked & flac'd by Mike L.

01. Big Country
02. Frontiers
03. banter
04. P'Lod
05. Kaleidoscope
06. Chenai

01. Arkansas Traveler
02. Rococo
03. Hippo
04. Subterfuge
05. Weed>couch>whistle
06. Bela
07. Scratch

The setlist said they played "Futch" but the talk at the end of t3d2 doesn't mention it so
I didn't list it.