Ben Folds
Prospect Park Bandshell
Brooklyn, NY
August 4, 2005

Source: SP-CMC-8's (cardioids) -> SP Pre-Amp ->
Transfer: Sony PCM-R300 -> S/PDIF -> Pro Tools 6.7 ->
WAV -> FLAC (level 8, SB's Verified)

Recorded & Transfered By Nitcomb

1. Intro Music
2. Bastard
3. Gone
4. Zak and Sara
5. Jesusland
6. You to Thank
7. Still Fighting It
8. Tom Waites Jazz Jam
9. All U Can Eat
10. Landed
11. Bitches Ain't Shit
12. Late
13. Philosophy -> Misirlou
14. Video Shoot Antics on Stage
15. Not The Same
16. One Angry Dwarf & 200 Solemn Faces
17. Underground


T8: BF mocks his laryngitis plagued voice with this Waites spoof.

T14: BF brought out some old guys in wigs for some shots for the
video for "Bastard". He mentioned that the video will be a mock
reunion of his former heavy metal band.

T16: At the end of the song Ben makes three attempts to launch his
stool at the piano, with the final throw landing and taking out
the piano mike.

It seemed like the show was over after OAD...the house music & lights
came up and many people were leaving but BF came back for an encore.
There is a fade in/out here...only a minute of crowd noise is music.