Buddy Guy and his Bluesband: July 26th, 1967, Club 47, Cambridge MA., 2nd Gen. sbd, Disc 1

Hey Friends, time for some great sixties Blues here!
This Torrent is dedicated to all the nice people, who uploaded all the great Bluesstuff here, in the last 2 months!
This Buddy Guy show is probably the best from the Cambridge 1966/67 shows,
besides the Muddy Waters set!
It has the same cookin´atmosphere as Muddy´s show,
but also has some great guitar playing by the great, early Buddy Guy!
This shows offers one of the few oppurtunities to check out how these Blues greats really played in the sixties!

I once saw Buddy playing, in a very poor quality video,
while Jimi Hendrix was watching and taping him with his 2 nakamichi cass. decks!
His playing was absolutely amazing and it seemed like he had more than five fingers on his hands....
Buddy Guy sure was one of Jimi´s Blues favorites!

A. C. Reed featured here on Sax, is one of the all time great sax players in Blues and adds with his superb
" warm" vocals here, a whole new dimension to this exciting performance!
Sadly, no other names of the players here are known!
Any help is more than welcome

01. Instrumental open.
02 Instr.
03. worry. worry, worry
04. Let the Good times roll aka I like it like that
05. Sweet little Angel
06. I got Soul voc. A.C.Reed
07. She´s fine "
08. Instr. Outro
Set 2
09. Help me Babe
10. Five long years
11. Out of sight
12 Walk right in /Got my Mojo Working
13 Stormy Monday/ Land of the 1000 Dances /cut
14. Howlin´for my Baby voc. A. C. Reed
15. Mashed potatoes voc. A.C. Reed
01 Intro
02. Stop doing me wrong "
03. Short Instr.
04. Sweet 16/ the first Time I met the Blues
05. I feel Good
Set 3
06 Intro
07. Tell me Baby/How Blue can we get
08. Money /Drums
09. Money pt.2
10. High Heeled Sneakers
11. I had a dream
12. Come on home to me Baby voc. A.C. Reed
13. Josephine(the Black Night was never gone) "
14. My Baby likes to Bogaloo "
15. How Long

Buddy Guy - guit. vocals/
A.C. Reed: sax., voc.
? - guitar
? - bass
? - drums