The Palace Saloon
Six Gun Territory
Ocala, FL
May 1978


End of 1st Set:

01 Oleo

Second Set:

02 The Ballad Of The Hawk & The Chicken
03 (Band Introductions)
04 Bro. Bill >
05 Parchman Farm
06 Let Me Swim
07 One Way... Or Another
08 Ocala (aka Carol) (including Little Queenie)
09 You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
10 Guiltless Glider


11 Stray Cat Blues
12 Let It Bleed

Rusty Day - Vocals, Harmonica
Steve "Kohoutek" Dansby - Guitar
John "Soybean Slim" Sauter - Bass
Gary "Madman" Moffatt - Drums

APE master, March 2004, by anonymous; originally posted by roryglzep; reposted June 2006 by stormbringer::

Analog soundboard recording > unknown analog audio cassette generations > Maxell XLII 90 {CrO2} analog audio cassette >
CDR > EAC (WAV extraction, secure mode) > WAV edits (of cassette flips) > CD Wave > APE

.ape > .wav (dbPowerAmp) > CD-R > .wav (AudioGrabber) > .flac (dbPowerAmp)


~These files were offered up originally by roryglzep some time ago on STG. There have been a lot of requests for some
Cactus material lately, including a request by roryglzep who was looking again for the files. I downloaded all of the original
posts and have begun to repost them, continuing with this one here.

~Thanks to roryglzep for the posts in the first place; they were mindblowing, as you'll soon hear.

~Yes, this is ripped from a cd-r that was burned from the original files. Nobody seems to have the original .ape files to repost.
I burned this to cd-r originally without plans to repost or reseed, so I never kept the .ape files myself. The files have been
checked before posting and there have been no digital errors or flaws added in the process of reposting.

~The other thing you'll notice is that I have reordered the tracks slightly. As originally posted this show just didn't flow
as it should. I had reordered it on my burned copy for a better listening experience. No editing was done, and you can recreate
the running order from the original post using the original text file below. I think this version is superior, and here is
my reasoning:

1) "Oleo" is clearly the end of the first set due to Rusty's comments. This is either the end of a first set from this gig, or
from a completely different gig altogether. Where it was originally placed "Oleo" completely broke up the flow. It also didn't
sit well tacked on at the end.

2) "Let It Bleed" is clearly the end of a set, and like "Oleo" completely broke up the flow inserted into the middle as it were.

3) At the end of "Parchman Farm" you can hear what sounds like the beginning of "Let Me Swim" as the track fades. Possibly this
also could be the beginning of "Evil", but since that song isn't present in the set it seemed likely to be "Let Me Swim". Either
way, the set flows well with "Parchman Farm" going into "Let Me Swim".

4) Tracked this way leaves you with this possible scenario:

"Oleo" is the end of the first set.

"The Ballad Of The Hawk & The Chicken" - "Guiltless Glider" is the core of the second set...

... leaving a Rolling Stones duo as the encore.

~Once again I would like to say that you can rearrange the tracks to replicate the original post if you are unhappy with how I've
presented this here! This is how I had burned it for my personal listening and never intended to use that for a repost. But, I
do think this tracklisting is superior so why post an inferior version? All of the info is here for you to make your own decisions.

~The following songs are cut on the source recording:

"Oleo" cuts in with only about a minute left before the end...

"Guiltless Glider" cuts in and seems to be missing the first two minutes or so...

"Stray Cat Blues" cuts in and then cuts out. There is only a brief fragment of the song here...

"Let It Bleed" cuts in and is missing the beginning...

~Six Gun Territory was a Western theme park located just west of Silver Springs, on Highway 40, near Ocala, Florida. This gig most
likely took place in The Palace Saloon. More info can be found here: http://www.lostparks.com/sixgtown.html

~I caught the NYC reunion show and it was amazing. Don't miss them if you get a chance this year and look out for an actual
new Cactus album (Cactus V) this July as well as a possible live DVD release later this year. Rusty Day, we salute you!!


original roryglzep text file below:



CACTUS .... May 1978 .... vg/vg+/aud
Six-Gun Territory, Ocala, Florida, USA

APE master, March 2004, by anonymous:
Analog soundboard recording > unknown analog audio cassette generations > Maxell XLII 90 {CrO2} analog audio cassette > CDR > EAC (WAV extraction, secure mode) > WAV edits (of cassette flips) > CD Wave > APE.

Total running time [57:00]
01 Ballad of the Hawk & the Chicken [9:15]
02 band introductions [2:18]
03 Bro. Bill [4:59]
04 Parchman Farm [6:16]
05 Let It Bleed [3:12]
06 Oleo [1:04]
07 Let Me Swim [5:45]
08 One Way... or Another [5:23]
09 Ocala (aka Oh Carol; incl. Little Queenie) [6:18]
10 You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover [4:37]
11 Guiltless Glider [7:08]
12 Stray Cat Blues [0:39]

Band line-up:
Rusty Day - vocals, harmonica
Steve Dansby - guitar
John Sauter - bass
Gary Moffatt - drums

1) Muffled at start, clears up about 5 minutes in; t05 cuts in and may be the start of a different show; t06 cuts in and then is cut; audience recording; t11 cuts in; t12 is cut; t06 and t12 sound like audience recordings.
2) "The Ballad of the Hawk & the Chicken" later appeared on a posthumous Steve Gaines album.