Campbell Brothers With John Medeski
Middle East
Cambridge, MA

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Recorded by: Scott Gordon (

Disc One (set one and first song of set two):

01. Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round
02. I Feel Good
03. The Judgement
04. Walk With Me
05. Frammin
06. Morning Train
07. A Change Is Gonna Come
08. Understand It Better By And By
Set Two:
09. Good All The Time

Disc Two (remainder of set two):

01. Power Lord
02. No Mo' Once Mo'
03. Rally Time
04. Devil Ride
05. Jump For Joy
06. What's His Name? ...Jesus!

Chuck Campbell - pedal steel guitar
Darick Campbell - lap steel guitar
Phil Campbell - electric guitar
Carlton Campbell - drums
Malcolm Kirby - electric bass guitar
Denise Brown - vocals
Katie Jackson - vocals

I grabbed this from etree earlier this week, and I'm surprised no one has torrented it here yet - it's a joyous listening experience! - and I'm mighty happy to oblige y'all :-)

I found the title of the encore from my copy of their 1997 CD "Pass Me Not", and the new song titles here:

also see the Campbell Brothers website:

If you haven't seen these guys, it's quite a sight - by the end of the show, Phil and Darick, both pretty big guys, are literally jumping for joy! - Phil during "Jump for Joy" with his guitar (and the others behind their steel guitars), and Darick during his vocal on "What's His Name? ...Jesus!"

this sounds great - I feel like jumpin' for joy too!

enjoy!! - Zeb